Quantifying time-averaged methane emissions from individual coal mine vents using GHGSat-D satellite observations

Daniel J. Varon, Daniel J. Jacob, Dylan Jervis, Jason McKeever
Environmental Science and Technology, submitted.

Satellite discovery of anomalously large methane point sources from oil/gas production

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Quantifying methane point sources from fine-scale satellite observations of atmospheric methane plumes

Daniel J. Varon, Daniel J. Jacob, Jason McKeever, Dylan Jervis, Berke Durak, Yan Xia, Yi Huang
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“The drop fell” – Time-space compression in The Waves

Daniel J. Varon
The Virginia Woolf Miscellany, 2015. PDF

Do GCMs predict the climate… or macroweather?

Shaun Lovejoy, Daniel Schertzer, Daniel J. Varon
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